Evernote (Part 2: Planning & Organization)

Okay, so by now, you have probably figured out that I love Evernote for teaching.  It is my absolute go-to for organizing my teaching resources (see post here).  But I also use it both personally and professionally in other ways, particularly for planning and organizing tasks and information.

One way I use Evernote is for travel.  When my husband and I traveled to Italy in December 2013, I began researching various aspects of the trip: sights to see in various cities, train schedules, tips from various travel books and websites, etc.  I created a notebook in Evernote and collected all kinds of information in it that would be helpful as we planned our trip.  When we got closer to traveling, I created a note for each day of our trip; each note contained any pertinent travel information (flight times and numbers, for example), lodging info, tourist sites we were visiting, as well as the PDF copies of hotel reservations, museum tickets, and other documents.  Everything I needed for that day was right there at my fingertips.

I also use Evernote as a sort of “catch all” for any ideas, websites, blog posts, or other resources that I’d like to reference later.  Most of these are related to teaching, though not always.  These ideas are organized and tagged in a separate folder so I can easily find them when I want them.  I even use a site called www.ifttt.com that automatically collects any tweets I favorite in a special notebook in Evernote (IFTTT does SO much more than just this – check it out!).

Do you use Evernote?  In what ways have you found it useful?

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