First Time at (Ed)Camp!

Yesterday, I had the great fortune of getting to attend my first ever EdCamp – EdCampMidMN!  An EdCamp is an “unconference;” there is no pre-set list of presenters or conference sessions.  Instead, everyone got together in a large auditorium and shared ideas they wanted to know more about.  The organizers of the event put them into the empty schedule framework and once the schedule was full, off we went!

The worst part of EdCamp?  Having to pick from so many great sessions!  Fortunately, session attendees are encouraged to take good notes on a shared Google Doc, so even if you don’t make it to a session, you can get an idea of what happened (or at least who was there so you can ask questions later).  The best part of EdCamp?  Too many to choose just one!

Presenting, my EdCamp Top Ten List!

  1. It’s free!
  2. Free stuff!  (I left the day with a free t-shirt, new case for my iPad, and check out the AMAZING doc cam I got!  Thanks to IPEVO for donating!  See pic below!)
  3. You get what you need (shout out a session at schedule building time)
  4. Rule of two feet (If a session isn’t what you thought – move on!)
  5. Getting to meet all kinds of sweet Tweeps and Voxer buds in person
  6. Everyone has expertise to offer
  7. Everyone comes to learn
  8. Get great new ideas from other teachers and districts (Can we say, giant lego wall in the media center?)
  9. Connect with new educators and grow your PLN
  10. Getting to hang out with some pretty cool folks who are as excited and passionate about giving students amazing opportunities as you are

So, all in all, my first EdCamp was great, and I’ll definitely be back!  Huge thanks and congrats to the planning committee for EdCampMidMN!  I can’t wait for my next trip to (Ed)Camp!  Who’s coming with me?!?!

Doc Cam!